Hi, I'm Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans and I'm the Greens candidate for North Sydney.

Thursday, Oct 29th, 2015

Practising doctor, former MP and anti-smoking health advocate Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans will stand for the Greens in the North Sydney by-election on December 5th.

"The Greens are the only party that has a positive vision for the future and will work for real action on climate change, investment in public education and to clean up corruption," said Dr Chesterfield-Evans.

"Australia must show its compassion to refugees by offering protection rather than making a bad situation worse by dropping bombs or going to war.

"My plans for the local community include protecting the North Sydney TAFE, reopening the public local schools, keeping public housing safe and accessible and protecting the remaining parts of the foreshore from over-development.

"As a doctor I have seen the impact of Liberal Government service cuts on those who can least afford to bear them. It is already clear that the Turnbull Government are continuing some of the worst policies of the Abbott Government, particularly for public services and the environment.

"The people of North Sydney deserve a real alternative. At this election they can use their vote to send a strong message that they want a government that cares for people and the environment," said Dr Chesterfield-Evans.

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon congratulated Dr Chesterfield-Evans on his preselection.

"Arthur has been a strong public voice for health, innovation and progressive social policy. He brings a wealth of experience to the table, both as a former MP and in his background as a medical doctor and widely respected public health advocate," said Senator Rhiannon.

"I worked with Arthur when we were both MPs in the NSW Upper House. We worked together to stop the corrupting influence that political donations were having on the NSW planning process.

"Arthur offers an alternative voice to counter the Liberals' lack of action on climate change, marriage equality and refugees.

"Voters in North Sydney can use this election to send a clear message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that his policies run counter to building a fair Australia and protecting the environment," said Senator Rhiannon.

I was in the anti-tobacco campaign, including BUGA UP, for 25 years, and Australia is now a world leader. I was nearly 9 years in the NSW upper house as a Democrat and worked very closely with the Greens. I identified issues, got the cross bench to vote together, got a majority with the opposition, and forced the government to launch inquiries into major issues.

I initiated inquiries into Campbelltown hospital, DoCS, Mental Health, Dental health, Funerals and the Redfern riots. All of these inquiries did not just gather dust, they resulted in more money in the following budget. I am a doctor trained in Occupational health, have worked in radio and made an award-winning video on the BUGA UP campaign, and have a Masters in Political economy, which is economics for political realists. I can see political trends and articulate them, and bring people together to get action.

I am fit and hard working. Please give me your vote. I will not let you down.

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Arthur Chesterfield-Evans