I am a medical doctor who became a health activist and politician working for change.

Current Issues facing Australia and the world

  • Corruption: Dodgy contracts for Manus with Paladin ($423m), Great Barrier Reef ($444m), Parliament House renovations ($75m),Open and Shut Christmas Island Detention($185m), Adani Mine ($Many)
  • Climate Change: Use Australia’s natural advantages in wind and solar
    Pumped hydro storage.
  • Sustainable energy: electric cars and high speed rail.
    Ban fracking and manage water better.
  • Human rights including housing and liveable incomes are necessary for social justice and social harmony.
  • Gonski funding for equality of educational opportunity.
  • We cannot continue to import cheap labour, lowering wages, while our kids are unemployed.
  • Fix Medicare so that health care is universally available without long waits for elective surgery.
  • Stop Terrorism by getting out of Middle East wars.
  • Enforce laws for all, including banks and international tax avoiders.
  • Companies with complex tax avoidance structures should pay a ‘turnover tax’.
  • Wage theft must be stopped.
  • NDIS must have funding, feedback and monitoring.
  • Citizen’s Initiated Referenda and Plebiscites.

Dr Arthur Opposes

  • New coal-fired power
  • Nuclear energy and a nuclear waste dump.
  • A Nuclear facility is needed for research and medical purposes.
  • Fracking and its damage to groundwater.
  • Adani coal mine and other mines that damage the Barrier Reef and water table.
  • Irrigation where there is a water shortage.
  • Participation in Middle East wars and US troops stationed on Australian soil.
  • Privatisation of our key resources.
  • Current refugee policy.
  • Overdevelopment without other facilities.

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