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VALI- Vaping-Associated Lung Illness- a New Disease is born.

20 September 2019

VALI is the name the Centre for Disease Control has given to the new epidemic of lung disease that is putting young people in hospital on ventilators and has killed a few people.

It is not clear what the problem is as there does not seem to be a common feature in the cases except that they were all vaping.

The Industry is trying to pretend that it is all due to illegal additives, though this does NOT seem to be the case.

Even Trump has banned a few additives, presumably as he has to do something and wants to do as little as possible.

It is hard to know what he will ban, as the causative agent is not clear- the doctors will just have to sort out an entirely preventable problem, which is not occurring in Canada, which has taken a hard line against vaping.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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