University Cheating Cheapens Degrees 11/1/21

A recent article has university cheating as a million dollar industry and it is hard to to argue with this.  As everything becomes online it becomes ever easier.

When I was in Parliament a University of Wollongong lecturer, Ted Steele, got into problems because he refused to pass a fee-paying foreign student, whose father had been a generous benefactor.   He became a whistle blower.  He was helped by the Union reluctantly as he had been very anti-union in his previous views.  He had a victory and was reinstated as described in the SMH of 29/3/2002, but I think later was forced to resign and settle.

Universities dependent on fee-paying students have a powerful incentive to pass them, and by the same token, less incentive to find cheating ones.

It is one thing to have forged CVs.  It is one step further when the CV is true but the knowledge is absent.  The problem is that everything is for sale, and nothing else is respected.