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Privatised Job Seeking- just another opportunity for rorts.

Call me old fashioned but I really believe in lifetime public servants paid a reasonable wage to do an honest job. They do not need ‘incentives’, ‘bonuses’, ‘commissions’ or other gimmicks. Salesmen have always rather revolted me when they judge everyone by how much commission they made on their sales, as some sort of macho […]

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Drug Research Crisis 3/10/19

Governments say that they want to fund research, but think that they are very clever if they can do it ‘in cooperation with the private sector’.  They think that they will save money and get some inside running to a share of profits.  Mostly they are played for mugs.  The private sector does research that […]

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NDIS- National Disability Insurance System. 1/7/17

I have grave fears for this system. I am unsure even of the goodwill of some of its advocates. I was on the Social Issues Committee of the NSW Parliament and we looked at Disability services and the way that these were delivered. Basically if you ask how big the disability problem is no one […]

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