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US Sanctions Will Worsen COVID-19 Effects in Venezuala

US Sanctions will worsen virus effects in South America.

The US does not like the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela.

The fact that it is called after Simon Bolivar, who achieved independence of many South American countries gives away the orientation of the government, and is a Socialist government, which nationalised the Oil company and has evened incomes hugely, continuing the work of the US nemesis, Hugo Chavez. But despite the fact that Venezuela has the greatest oil reserves on earth, its extraction cost is higher and since over 90% of Venezuelan foreign exchange is from oil exports, the US embargo on their oil has decimated the economy, a fact that the US blames on corruption.

The US has support Juan Guaido as President, despite the fact that he never even stood in the last election, and his party was famed for corruption itself.

Now the US are tightening sanctions including equipment needed to fight the Corona-virus epidemic.

The US interferes in South American countries internal affairs and effectively overthrows their governments at will, and this is more than usually callous example.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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