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NSW Labor Weak on Gambling

8 December 2022

With the NSW Election due in March, Labor leader Chris Minns obviously does not want to upset the gambling, hotel and club industry, so is wimping out on gambling control.

The Liberals, under the religious Dominic Perrottet, are likely to lose the election, so are willing to bring in cashless gaming cards, which will allow the money lost to be traced, or limits placed on problem gamblers.  The gaming industry hates this, as most gamblers actually cannot afford it, and the money laundering component is very large but currently unquantified.

Labor could support Perrottet and get the job done, but would rather cuddle up to the gambling industry, win the election and then presumably make some sort of token gesture to the voters.  No wonder the big parties are on the nose.

The power of the clubs and pubs is very considerable of course. Labor had banning pokies as a policy in Tasmania in 2018 and just lost, winning 3 seats when they needed six.   Gambling industry money was rated  a considerable factor in the loss.

Here is the SMH article

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