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Is Expulsion of the Palestinians the Israeli End-Game?

10 November 2023


It has been said that Israel has no long-term strategy to deal with the Palestinians within Israel. But Netanyahu had spoken about a ‘regional solution’.  The ‘Two State’ solution, where Palestinians were given the West Bank, has been systematically undermined by Israel, which has been settling Jews in a strategic pattern on land that was largely Palestinian occupied for many years. (The Palestinians were not said to own it because all land title prior to the declaration of Israel in 1948 was declared null and void. But in all reasonable assessments they should own the land that they had occupied).


Gaza has been termed a prison.  With every aspect of its life determined by Israel including trade, and with a very high unemployment rate this was not an unfair description. Now that it is a flattened and uninhabitable mess, is it not possible that Israel wants to push the Palestinians into the Sinai desert, give the whole problem to the UN as a refugee issue, then offer to buy some land and resettle the Palestinians?  There was not much going for Gaza before and there will be less now. Israel is already an international pariah, so what does it have to lose? It is likely to be easier to manage a hostile external force than a hostile internal one.  If the Palestinians find jobs and make lives in Egypt all these things may be forgotten in a generation or two?


Here is evidence for the proposition that Israel simply wants to expel the Palestinians:


New Document Leak on Plan to Expel Gaza Population

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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