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Privatised Job Seeking- just another opportunity for rorts.

27 May 2020

Call me old fashioned but I really believe in lifetime public servants paid a reasonable wage to do an honest job. They do not need ‘incentives’, ‘bonuses’, ‘commissions’ or other gimmicks.

Salesmen have always rather revolted me when they judge everyone by how much commission they made on their sales, as some sort of macho indicator, irrespective of whether the people persuaded to buy the product actually needed it or could afford it.

As these ‘incentives’ have taken over almost every aspect of our lives, naturally there are more and more people more concerned with making money than actually delivering the service. And the end point of the process is corruption, where you do not care whether the service is even given as long as you get the money. Here is just another example, for the sake of completeness.

Some of us long for the day when the public service is rebuilt, with reasonable people having lifetime jobs and doing a reasonable job for a reasonable wage.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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