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Truth in the COVID-19 Era: Australia

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is perceived to have done well in managing the COVID-19 crisis as, smarting from his bushfire debacle, he took expert advice.  He has used the crisis to shut down Parliament and with his use of State Premiers as a sort of wartime Cabinet he has bypassed the Labor opposition.  Now he is continuing this trend by negotiating with the unions on how to revive the economy and to fix the technical education sector. Given that the plight of the working poor is considerably due to casualisation of the economy and the decline in manufacturing has been due to an ideological unwillingness to support local manufacturing, he has plenty to reconsider.  The imbalance of the university sector with too many people doing inappropriate courses and the destruction of TAFE training are almost entirely the result of his party’s policies.  So he is actually appearing to consider fixing his own mistakes under the cover of a national revival from the virus.  He is subtly behaving as a one party state with Labor marginalised as irrelevant, and he will be greatly helped by the $60 billion unused war chest and a public belief that money needs to be spent to save the economy.  It is recipe for pork-barrelling unparalleled in history and his party has already shown considerable application and skill in directing far smaller sums in electorally favourable directions.  A government with non-existent stated policies, philosophies largely disliked by the population and an unparalleled mean-spiritedness in dealing with poor and marginalised groups might romp home in the next election.

Where is truth in all of this?

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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