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Amorality and Unaccountability is Now the Norm. 7/2/20

We see Trump not impeached on Party lines with only Mitt Romney crossing the floor.  Sure he may have bent US foreign policy to attack a political rival, but hey, he is on our side and we want to win the election[1]

Meanwhile over in Oz, the Auditor-General finds that the Deputy Leader of the National Party Bridget Mc[2]Kenzie is rorting the Sports Grants[3] to win the election, so the Prime Minister gets his ex-minder, who is now the country’s most senior public servant to see if she broke a Ministerial code of conduct, which is quite a different and much less stringent test, so that he can show she only broke a technicality.  The underlying hope and delay seemed to have been to let her tough it out[4].  Principles?  Forget it. We have the power.

The Federal Police have dropped their investigation into where the information came from that Angus Taylor used to attack Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore accusing her of spending $15.9 million on travel when she had spent $6000[5].  There were rumours that someone in his office had done a stunt like this before.  Angus also spent $80 million of government money to buy water rights from a struggling rowing mate’s farm[6]– (Guardian 17/12/19)

You might ask why Morrison still wants Angus Taylor there and why the AFP have backed off what looks very suspicious, but it seems that there is one law for the powerful, and one for little people and if it wasn’t obvious before, it sure is now. 

Some years ago I lost all interest in TV cop shows and whodunnits.  I thought it must be me getting old and grumpy and generally watching less TV.  But when I analysed it, the idea that the goodies always won made me think that I had seen enough fairy tales and I had better go and do something useful.







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