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Crimeless Victims 22/12/19

We hear of ‘victimless crimes’ like urinating in a park when all the toilets are shut, or jaywalking.  Every now and then a politician wants kudos for actually stating that they are not going to prosecute (and they are going to save on legal system time).

But more important are ‘crimeless victims’ where the neglect or abolition of law enforcement leads to a lot of victims with no disincentive for there being a lot more in future.  The abolition of the Dust monitoring unit at Safework has led to a silicosis epidemic, banks rob people blind, insurance victims are ripped off, dodgy building companies phoenix away, irrigators steal water, nursing homes mistreat residents, and who is ever held responsible?

Gaols are not very effective at deterring crime at the bottom of the heap where people are mentally ill, drug addicted or cannot get a job, but no doubt they would work a treat a bit higher up the social ladder.

Politicians need to understand that people are fed up with the double standard in the justice system and they need to do something about it.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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