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Liberal Government Rips-off Australia and East Timor for Multinationals then prosecutes Whistleblower

30 April 2020

The secret trial of Witness K and his lawyer Bernard Colliery is on in Canberra today.  As most know Witness K blew the whistle on Australia’s bugging of the East–Timorese Cabinet room during negotiations of the maritime boundary in order to get the oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea.  What most people do not know is that there was a lot of helium in that gas, which is actually more valuable than the natural gas, and that this was defined in the treaty as waste gas and given to the multinational drilling company, effectively robbing both the East Timorese and Australian people of the benefit of that gas.

It is incredible that an Australian government would not even act in the interests of its own people, and why this is so has not been explained. Presumably lobbyists and political donors control Australia’s foreign policy to such an extent that the government no longer looks after even Australia’s interest.

What has been the scandal so far has been Australia’s actions towards the fledgling East Timorese government in regards to ripping off gas that by any reasonable definition should have been East Timor’s.  A maritime boundary is usually half way between the two countries.  Australia tried to avoid having this tried in an international tribunal, lost when the East Timorese appealed there and now are punishing the whistleblower and his lawyer.

Bernard Colliery, the ex-ACT Attorney-General has written a book, ‘Oil Under Troubled Waters’ which has 33,000 words redacted due to government pressure, which tells the story including Australia’s meddling in East Timor’s internal politics.

Just as the US bullies South America and China bullies the South China sea states and anyone who wants to ask how Coronavirus happens, so Australia bullies East Timor.  Just as the USA seeks Assange with dodgy legal processes, and inconvenient Chinese businessmen disappear, so Australia pursues its truth tellers through secret trials that would do the former Soviet Union proud.

People everywhere have to stand up for justice- which in this case is Witness K and Bernard Colliery.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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