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US Health System is worst to control COVID-19 Epidemic

30 April 2020
The US health system which is largely private is poorly set up to handle a pandemic. It is set up to make money, so is not flexible when different equipment and procedures are needed. Added to this 12% of people have no health care insurance, so cannot get healthcare and of those insured, 23% are under-insured and cannot get the treatment they need. Any many people health insurance is depending on their jobs, so will go when they are retrenched, making their problems worse.
This is all worsened by the fact that each State is autonomous, so it is uncoordinated. President Trump was more concerned about its effect on the economy and minimised the risk, wasting valuable time. He has been like some sort of bad comedy show suggesting that disinfectants be used as medicines or that light might be used, though he refrained from saying where the lights might be inserted. The US passed Italy as the country with the most COVID-19 deaths in the world at 20,500 and now has 1,064,737 case; more cases than Spain, Italy, France, UK Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal put together. It is likely that in a few days it will overtake the whole of Europe.
Yet despite this the US is lessening its lock-down, because its welfare system is so poor that people cannot afford to be off work. Like the 3rd world, people have to work or starve, despite the risk.
This is what happens when there is not a decent health and welfare system that looks after people.
The worst point has yet not yet been reached in the US. It will not be a pretty sight.
Al that can be hoped is that at the end of the epidemic the US will at last get a universal health system.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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