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Angus Taylor Must Resign

30 April 2020
The Energy Minister Angus Taylor must resign. He told Parliament that he had downloaded Clover Moore’s travel expenses from the Sydney City Council website, but NSW Police have stated that they have looked at the metadata and this is not possible.  He claimed that Council international travel expenses were $15 million, but they were less than $6,000.  So wherever the figures came from, it was not the website.  Did he make them up, or did some else in his office or elsewhere?  He has a responsibility to account for what figures he is using, particularly if he is using the figures to make allegations against a political opponent.

He has been caught before buying water rights with large amounts of government money from a mate who was in a tight spot financially.  He ‘toughed it out’ then clearly wants to do so again. Hey, he’s ‘entitled to’.

This sort of loose with the truth venality is completely unacceptable in MPs and especially Ministers.  He must go now. We cannot people with this level of integrity running our country.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evans

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